Quote of the Week: “Music is … a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” ~Ludwig van Beethoven

Coordinator’s Message:  We are just three weeks away from the hottest concert this side of Palm Springs!  COREchella 2017  is Friday, April 21st, and it will be the best one yet!  KIIS FM will be hosting starting at 5:00 PM. Playing on the outdoor stage is KEA, Catrina Alonzo, Julia Denny, Krithika, Veronica Mahoney, Payton Marin, The Ten, Marola Daus, and Morgan and Maddie Knight.  Jon Huertas, Miguel from the hit show This is Us, will be hosting the indoor stage.  Playing on the indoor stage starting at 7:00 PM is Zenith, New Yesterday, King-Sized Bishop, Cool Patterns, Bellhop, THWOK, Sam and John, The Trigger Gave featuring Mr. Posito, and  Vyrus.  We will have a festival of food trucks, a temporary tattoo parlor, a fantastic silent auction, and more! Pre-sale tickets are on this  Monday, April 3rd – April 16th for $10.00.  From April 17-20th tickets will be $12 and on April 21st tickets will be $15.  You can purchase them in the Magnet Office or online at corechella.corebaby.org. Be sure to visit us @ corechella.corebaby.org to get the latest updates. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive sneak peaks and your chance to win a ticket to hottest benefit concert of all time.

Winner!!!: We had a record number of submissions this year for our COREchella 2017 Design Contest, all of which could have been our featured design; they were that good!  It was a difficult decision, but this year’s artist is…CAYTLYNN DILLEY.  Additionally, the back of the official concert t-shirt will feature the design of CHRISIE MORRIS.  Both students are from AOAT. Click HERE to see the winning designs.

We Need You!: Students, please help us make this year’s COREchella the most successful yet!  Secure donation items for the Silent Auction and/or sponsorships from family members and local businesses.  Letters and donation/sponsorship forms are available @ corechella.corebaby.org or in the Magnet Office! Items for the Silent Auction must be turned in by April 7, 2017, so we have time to process them.

Corebabies Go Global: There is an exciting opportunity available for students in grades 9-12 to travel to China during Winter Break of 2017.   If you missed the last meeting, it’s not too late.  There will be another China meeting for students this Wednesday, April 5th in room E2 at lunch. See you there!

The Magnet is Excellent: Congratulations to our teachers, students, parents, administration, and community partners! It is my profound honor to announce that Magnet Schools of America has awarded Cleveland Humanities Magnet with the 2017 Magnet School of Excellence Award. This is the fifth year in a row that we have been recognized by the MSA, and the third time we have been named a Magnet School of Excellence, which is the top award.  We were only one of two schools in LAUSD to receive it! There is no place like Core!

Tell Your Parents: The next MPA meeting will be May 31st at 7:00 PM in E10. All parents are welcome.

Get Lit: Do you spit…poetry that is? If you are interested in trying out for our award-winning spoken word team, see Ms.Kurnick in F5.

Le Sabre Online:  Did you know you can read our school newspaper online?  Go to www.lesabre.org to see what our fabulous journalism staff has to say about what’s happening in the world and on our campus.

COREture: Wouldn’t a hooded sweatshirt be nice during this rainy season? Why not rep your school and stay dry at the same time?  Get your COREture gear– T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts– and we have some new swag for 2017! Come to the Magnet Office to check it out.  All proceeds go to the program!

Spirit Fridays!: Remember to wear your CORE t-shirt (or any Cleveland t-shirt) for a chance to win a gift card to one of many fabulous establishments!

COREdinators: Do you want to be a part of COREchella 2017?  Do you have ideas about how to make CORE even better?  Are you a freshman looking for ways to be active in your school community?  Then join COREdinators, Fridays at lunch in E10!

Corebaby Email: Be sure to check your Corebaby email address EVERYDAY for important updates! If you use another email address as your primary email address, you can forward your Corebaby emails to that address so that you don’t miss anything! See Mr. Saavedra if you have questions.

Forgot Your Corebaby Email Password?:  You can retrieve it, but it will cost you a dollar.  Go to Mr. Saavedra in E7 for information, but don’t go empty-handed.

Cavalier News: Have you seen Cleveland’s new website?  Go to www.clevelandhs.org to check it and get important schoolwide info!

Important College News for All:  Have you visited the Career and College Office website?  It is an incredibly useful resource as you begin the college admissions journey in the ninth grade.  Be sure to bookmark the calendar as there are important dates to note. Go to https://www.careerandcollegeoffice.org/ to check it out.

Clean Up After Yourselves:  Please do your part to keep your learning environment and other areas on campus clean.  Pick up your trash, recycle where possible, and remind your friends to do the same! I do not want see your trash left on the floors for someone else to clean up. Thank you!

Got Suggestions???: As we near the end of the 2016-2017 school year, what suggestions do have for improving the program? Go to the Home Page, Resources (Upper right-hand corner), and click the icon to submit your suggestions.

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