How to Contact Teachers:


For the staff who check email, this is the fastest and easiest way to contact them. If there is an email link next to their name, then that is your best option.


If you want to leave a message for a teacher and have them call you back, call the Main Office.

TO LEAVE A MESSAGE: 818-885-2300


Cleveland High School Principal
Cindy Duong cindy.duong@lausd.net


Jennifer Macon Magnet Coordinator jmacon@corebaby.org
Wayne Basinger 10th Grade Co-Coordinator wbasinger@corebaby.org
Grace Kim-Oh 9th Grade Co-Coordinator goh@corebaby.org
Marisa Del Pino 9th Grade Co-Coordinator  mdelpino@corebaby.org
Olivier Demail 10th Grade Co-Coordinator oxd8528@lausd.net
Tony Saavedra 11th Grade Coordinator tsaavedra@corebaby.org
Rebecca Williams 12th Grade Coordinator rwilliams@corebaby.org


9th Grade
Marisa Del Pino Co-Coordinator, English mdelpino@corebaby.org
Hala Dillsi Art & Religion, College Prep Seminar hdillsi@corebaby.org
Albert Fuentes English afuentes@corebaby.org
Joseph Kim English, Social Institutions jkim@corebaby.org
Grace Kim-Oh Co-Coordinator, Social Institutions goh@corebaby.org
Vincenzo Loconte Environmental Science vloconte@corebaby.org
Jessica Lin Environmental Science jlin@corebaby.org
Tony Saavedra AP Human Geography tsaavedra@corebaby.org


10th Grade
Wayne Basinger Co-Coordinator, Art History wbasinger@corebaby.org
Olivier Demail Co-Coordinator, Social Institutions, AP French oxd8528@lausd.net
Ric Posito Literature rposito@corebaby.org
Jessica Peroff Philosophy, Speech and Debate jperoff@corebaby.org


11th Grade
Scott Cameron AP U.S. History sgc8690@lausd.net
Marisa Del Pino Humanities mdelpino@corebaby.org
Grace Kim-Oh Humanities goh@corebaby.org
Jennifer Macon Humanities jmacon@corebaby.org
Tony Saavedra Coordinator, Humanities, AP U.S. History tsaavedra@corebaby.org
Rebecca Williams Literature rwilliams@corebaby.org


12th Grade
Joseph Kim Digital Humanities  jkim@corebaby.org
Jessica Peroff AP Literature jperoff@corebaby.org
Ric Posito AP Literature rposito@corebaby.org
Rebecca Williams Coordinator, AP Literature rwilliams@corebaby.org


Travis Aranaga Algebra, Geometry taranaga@corebaby.org
Darrell Butler 2 year program, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC dbutl1@lausd.net
Alex Mitchell amitchell@corebaby.org
Carlos Rodriguez Dept. Chair, (H) Geometry, Algebra 2 car9934@lausd.net
George Yick (H) Geometry, (H) Pre-Calculus gyick@lausd.net


Sean Berton-Sniderman AP Biology
Annette Curi-Morton Dept. Chair, AP Biology apc0878@lausd.net
Casey Hayes Biology, Physiology chayes@corebaby.org
Vincenzo Loconte Environmental Science vloconte@corebaby.org
Carl Pecevich Chemistry cpecevich@corebaby.org


World Language
Leslie Broyles Spanish lboyles@corebaby.org
Olivier Demail French oxd8528@lausd.net
Hui Kim Korean hkim@corebaby.org
Amy Morrison Dept. Chair, French axm0207@lausd.net
Sean Pitchford Japanese sean.pitchford@lausd.net
Frida Rodriguez Spanish frodriguez@corebaby.org
Marvin Rodriguez Spanish mrodriguez@corebaby.org
Vilma Palacios Spanish vcp0170@lausd.net


Magnet Counselors
Lori Howe 9th Grade (A-Z), 10-12th Grade (A-K) lori.howe@lausd.net
Dan Wasserman 9th Grade-11th Grade (L-Z) dwasserman@corebaby.org
Priscilla Morales 10th Grade (L-Z) pxm9533@lausd.net


Resource Specialist
Sonika Howard showard@corebaby.org