Coordinator's Corner Weekly Announcements

Weekly Announcements (June6-June 10):

Quote of the Week:  “The feeling is less like an ending than just another starting point.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk



Coordinator’s Message:  This is the last Coordinator’s Corner of the 2015-2016 school year!  To the Class of 2016, I thank you for your time with us and wish you well on the next leg of your journey. I know you are well-equipped for what is to come and that you have learned much about what is expected of you as a student and what you expect of yourself as a human being.  Thank you for choosing us, and I look forward to watching your development in the years to come. Please remember us and check in periodically to let us know how you are.  To the Classes of 2017 and 2018, I congratulate you on starting new again.  I hope this year has proven worthwhile and that you will continue to push to the next starting point.  Over the summer be sure to rest, play, read, and study.  Enjoy!



Curricular and Teacher Evaluations: In an effort to continually improve the Magnet program, we are asking for your feedback.  Please complete the Curricular and Teacher Evaluations by Monday, June 6, 2016. It is an assignment for one or more of your CORE classes, so don’t wait. Instructions are in your Corebaby email inbox.



Finals Schedule: The final’s schedule is as follows-

Thursday, June 2- 10th Grade Unit 4 IUE

Friday, June 3- 9th Grade China IUE

Friday, June 3- 12th Grade Unit 4 IUE

Monday, June 6- Per. 1 & 4 (Dismissal, 12:36 pm)

Tuesday, June 7- Per. 2 & 5 (Dismissal, 12:36 pm)

Wednesday, June 8- Per. 3 & 6 (Dismissal, 12:36 pm)

Thursday, June 9- Regular Day (Dismissal, 12:36 pm)

Friday, June 10- Last Day of School (Dismissal, 12:36 pm)



Book Bundles:  Next year is just around the “core”ner! Get your 10th, 11th, or 12th (Wait List Only) grade Book Bundles by clicking HERE.  Having your own copy of the books we are using is an invaluable tool and all proceeds go back to the program. You can also bring a check made out to “Cleveland High School Booster Club” to the Magnet Office.



Shakespeare in Reseda!: We have a special opportunity for enrichment this summer! The founder of the Magnet, Neil Anstead, is teaching a summer session enrichment course here at Cleveland called Shakespeare as Literature. Neil Anstead is the epitome of a lifelong learner, and more importantly, he is a lover of Shakespearean literature. You will read classic works such as, Taming of the Shrew (great fun), Henry IV-the Falstaff scenes (Shakespeare’s greatest comic character), Richard II (for its ravishing poetry), King Lear (Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy), and The Tempest (the perfect ending). You may even get to see a live Shakespearean production!  If you are going to be a senior next year, this is excellent preparation for AP Literature. If you are in 10th or 11th grade, AP Literature is around the “core”ner! You will receive a semester of A-G elective credit on your transcript, which will look good on your college resume. The class will run from June 27-July 29th 9:00 AM -12:00 PM. If you are interested, sign up here. If the number of student requests exceeds the maximum capacity of the class, we will enroll on a first-come, first-serve basis or by lottery. Click HERE to sign up.



COREbaby Seniors:  Congratulations to Mollie Grubman, Jared Ngao, and Maya Hankin for winning the 2016 Magnet Parents Association Scholarship.




COREbaby College Survey: Seniors, please take a few moments to complete the following SURVEY.  This information is extremely important to our ability to recruit students, make adjustments to the program where necessary, and create networking opportunities between current students and alumni. Please note that this SURVEY is done in addition to the survey you will be completing for Ms. Drell. Thank you for your time!



Senior Mentors Needed:  We are beginning to recruit senior mentors for next year’s Freshmen Support Class. We are looking for responsible, mature, dependable, patient students who have a good understanding of CORE and the type of study skills necessary to be successful in the program. The class will most likely be Per. 5. If you are interested in being an inspiration to the new generation of Corebabies, please complete the form. No experience needed. We will train you! Please Note: Being a mentor in this class is not the same as being a Core Buddy. Click HERE to sign up.



Relive COREchella 2016:  Click HERE to see all of the pics from this year’s COREchella!

The Roundup:  Have you seen the latest feature on Corebaby?  It’s called The Round Up, a space dedicated to what’s happening at the Land.  Is your club planning a special event? Did your team win a game? Have you gotten an award or won a competition? Submit information about your event/recognition by clicking HERE.



Math Tutoring Club: Do you need some extra assistance with Math? Go to G8 at lunch on Mondays for peer assistance.



Magnet Schools of America: Congratulations to our teachers, students, parents, administration, support staff, and community partners! It is my honor to announce that Magnet Schools of America has awarded Cleveland Humanities Magnet with the 2016 Magnet School of Distinction Award. This is the fourth year in a row that we have been recognized by the MSA.  There is no place like Core.

Le Sabre Online:  Did you know you can read our school newspaper online?  Go to to see what our fabulous journalism staff has to say about what’s happening in the world and on our campus.

Spirit Fridays!: Remember to wear your CORE t-shirt (or any Cleveland t-shirt) for a chance to win a gift card to iTunes!

Corebaby Email: Be sure to check your Corebaby email address EVERYDAY for important updates! If you use another email address as your primary email address, you can forward your Corebaby emails to that address so that you don’t miss anything! See Mr. Saavedra if you have questions.

Forgot Your Corebaby Email Password?:  You can retrieve it, but it will cost you a dollar.  Go to Mr. Saavedra in E7 for information, but don’t go empty-handed.

Cavalier News: Have you seen Cleveland’s new website?  Go to to check it and get important schoolwide info!

Important College News for All:  Have you visited the Career and College Office website?  It is an incredibly useful resource as you begin the college admissions journey in the ninth grade.  Be sure to bookmark the calendar as there are important dates to note. Go to to check it out.

Clean Up After Yourselves:  Please do your part to keep your learning environment and other areas on campus clean.  Pick up your trash, recycle where possible, and remind your friends to do the same! I do not want see your trash left on the floors for someone else to clean up. Thank you!

Got Suggestions???: As we wrap up the 2016-2017 school year, we want to hear from you! What suggestions do have for improving the program? Go to the Home Page, Resources (Upper right-hand corner), and click the icon to submit your suggestions.

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