How to Contact Teachers:

Email: For the staff who check email, this is the fastest and easiest way to contact them. If there is an email address/link next to their name, then that is your best option.

Phone: If you want to leave a message for a teacher and have them call you back, call the Main Office.

To Leave a Message with the Main Office: 818-885-2300

Cleveland High School Principal: Cindy Duong – cindy.duong@lausd.net

Aranaga, Travis

Basinger, Wayne

Butler, Darrell

Cameron, Scott

Cohen, Brock

Curi-Morton, Annette

Del Pino, Marisa

Delondi, Nicole

Demail, Olivier

Dillsi, Hala

Endman, Stacy

Fuentes, Albert

Hayes, Casey

Howard, Sonika

Howe, Lori

Kim-Oh, Grace

Kim, Joseph

Lin, Jessica

Loconte, Vincenzo

Macon, Jennifer

Mitchell, Alex

Morales, Priscilla

Morrison, Amy

Palacios, Vilma

Posito, Ric

Rodriguez, Carlos

Rodriguez, Marvin

Saavedra, Tony

Silva, Victor

Stewart, Jennelle

Wahba, Mirette

Williams, Rebecca

Yang, Jeana

Yick, George