Among the four of us, we have several years of experience in the Cleveland Humanities Magnet Program (CORE), which extends over the lives of our own 8 CORE students and our entire families. CORE’s program doesn’t just teach subjects, it teaches our kids how to think about the subjects they are being taught. The kids’ exploration goes well beyond acquiring knowledge about history, literature, science and other subjects. We see our kids critically thinking about ideas, and being able to formulate their own opinions about what is going on in our world, and to back up those opinions with solid reasoning and real evidence. They do this not only in class, but they also bring home the things they learn and share them with our families, helping us to really ponder our opinions too.

CORE’s program is unlike any other high school’s program; it is truly a life changing experience for your children. It educates them while expanding their universe by reaching out of the classrooms into their families, communities, and the real world.

Parents become involved in CORE not only through being exposed to the teachings by their own children, but also by becoming a part of the Magnet Parents Association (MPA). MPA is a parent-run organization that provides parents with valuable information, offers monthly meetings and organizes all the fundraising, CORE-wide and grade-level events for our students. By volunteering with MPA, you can have a wonderful high school experience, even better than your own. This is an opportunity for you to make new friends in CORE and feel connected to our fabulous teachers, staff, children and your children’s friends. We are an open and accepting organization that welcomes every parent and guardian, no matter how often you can participate or volunteer.  Feel free to contact us at and be sure to join the new Facebook group page, Cleveland High School Magnet Parents Association to stay “In the Loop.”

We look forward to getting to know you and working together to help create the best learning environment for our children!

Your MPA Leadership Team — The CORE 4

Gayle Denny (Rachael, Class of 2015; Rebecca, Class of 2017 & Julia, Class of 2020)

Juileta Esquivelzeta (Fiona, Class of 2020; Atiana, Class of 2021)

Evette Knight (Maddie, Class of 2017 & Morgan, Class of 2018)

Samantha Koerner (Zak, Class of 2017 & Cassie, Class of 2020)