Scott Cameron

Scott was born in Burbank, and raised in Simi Valley since age three.

He attended private and public schools throughout his life and graduated from Simi Valley High School. He then went to UCLA as an undergrad and CSUN for grad school to earn a master’s in Modern European History with a minor in U.S. Frontier History.

Scott has been teaching at Moorpark College since 1988 as a Western Civilization, U.S. and World History professor but began teaching in LAUSD in 1985, first at Lawrence Middle School for one year (U.S. and World History), then Chatsworth High School for five years (regular U.S. and AP U.S. History, Economics, Government, Sociology and Journalism). He came to the Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School in 1991 and has taught AP U.S., AP European and regular U.S. History ever since, including a couple of years teaching 9th grade core and working closely with 11th grade core.

He has loved everything UCLA since a teenager (esp. football and basketball) and also loves the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Angels, and L.A. Rams (not St. Louis). Next to UCLA, his favorite team is always the one playing USC (sorry Ms. Williams). He also has a great affection for travelling to exotic locales, reading fine books, screening great movies, and eating well. But undoubtedly, his greatest interest in life is and always has been his lovely wife Malektaj, who he loves with a passion born of eternal elements.

Scott LOVES HIS JOB!! He thinks that his colleagues are phenomenal professionals and exceptionally wonderful human beings who he is honored to know and work with. And as for his students – – EPIC!