Welcome to the Cleveland Humanities Magnet Math Department!

Our department strives to provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum to students in Algebra 1 through AP Calculus BC. This year, we have spent extensive time reworking our classes to address the educational and technical goals of Common Core. Since Algebra 1 is a very important year for students, providing the foundation for later mathematics classes, our classes have been reformatted completely. Algebra 1 is perhaps the most changed of all our courses with a new emphasis on statistics, exponential equations, and word-problems. This year, we are introducing projects that reflect the theme of equity from a mathematical viewpoint. We also offer a plethora of honors and AP classes¬†aimed at preparing students for advanced studies in mathematics. Our average AP pass rate is above 80% and students from our program often reflect to teachers upon graduating that they felt well-prepared for college. Even students not planning to pursue degrees in ¬†math or science have benefited from our program by “passing out” of lower-division and general education math before even entering the college of their choice! Whatever path you pursue, we feel that all children will be well-served by our program. We look forward to working with you!


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