Mirette Wahba

Mirette Wahba is overjoyed to be returning to Cleveland High School after graduating from the Humanities Magnet in 2012. The CORE program left a lasting impression on her, and influenced her decision to study humanities disciplines at a university level. Mirette graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Global Business. After graduating, Mirette spent a brief period of time living in Washington D.C. and working for a non-profit that aimed to provide educational opportunities to children abroad. Through the non-profit, she had the opportunity to spend three weeks teaching English to middle and high school students in Egypt. From there, she discovered that her real passion was teaching.

 Mirette received her credential in Social Science from CSULA’s Charter College of Education. She is excited to welcome incoming freshmen into the CORE program, as well as share her love for art history with sophomore students.