Fact Check

For nearly 30 years, Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School has provided students with a superior alternative to a traditional model of education.  From the uniqueness of its thematic, interdisciplinary, and writing-based curriculum, to its focus on achievement and inclusiveness, this program continues to be a leader in public education.  The design of the program translates as well into exemplary scores on California State Tests, high rates of college attendance by graduates, and strong support from students and parents.

Here are some facts:

  • Founded 1981
  • Model for the study of Humanities in Los Angeles and model and teacher training center for LAUSD’s Humanitas programs
  • Thematic, interdisciplinary, and writing-based program with an emphasis on the development of critical thinking
  • Current enrollment is 887 students in grades 9-12
  • Broad range of diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, and socio-economic background
  • College Admissions: Cleveland Humanities Magnet graduates of 2014 continue to have high rates of college attendance despite a troubled economy and record numbers of applicants to UCLA and UC Berkeley.  In fact, eighty percent of graduates attended four-year colleges straight out of high school.  Here are the numbers:
    • 30 % attended the University of California schools
    • 25% attended the California State University schools
    • 25 % attended Private/Out-of-State schools
    • 20% attended Community Colleges, Vocational Schools, or the Military
  • ELA/Mathematics Test Scores: Cleveland Humanities Magnet students scored Advanced and Proficient three times higher in ELA than that of LAUSD. Likewise, Cleveland Humanities Magnet students post significantly higher scores than LAUSD in Mathematics.  We are currently ranked first in Algebra 2 and second in High School Summative Mathmatics (Math Analysis and Calculus).