Electives 2021-2022

 Visual Performing Art (VPA)

*Need Teacher/Coach/Counselor Approval

Cartoon Anim AB
Choir AB (YR 1)/Chorus (YR 2 & 3)
Design AB
Dig Imag AB
Drawing AB
Instruments AB (Strings, Band, Writing)
Intro to Art AB
March Band AB
Painting AB
* Stage Design AB
Theatre Inro AB
* Theatre Prod AB
Vid Prod 2A RM (CTE-1)


Academic Electives

*Need Teacher/Coach/Counselor Approval

*Academic Decathlon
African American Studies
* AP Biology AB
* AP Computer Science
* AP Env Sci AB
* AP Macro/Micro Econ (online)
* AP Music Theory
* AP Physics 1
* AP Psychology
* AP Span Lit
* AP Statistics (online)
*AP Studio Art 2D
Creative Writing
Ethnic Studies
H Intro Forensics
Geography (online)
Journalism 1AB/*2AB/*3AB
Marine Bio AB
H Physiology AB
Psychology (online)
Sociology (online)

Other Electives

*Need Teacher/Coach/Counselor Approval

Child Dev (CTE-1)/Career Child (CTE-2)
*College Peer Counseling (12th Only)
*Computer Sci Explorations – Robotics
Draft Tec 2A (CTE-1)
Graphic Design (CTE)
*Leadership/Senior Board
*Library Practice (12th Only)
Non CTE Computer Sci
*Office Tech (12th Only)
*Service (12th Only)
World of Music


Team Sports

All Team Sports Need Teacher/Coach/Counselor Approval

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Cross Country
Drill Team
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Track and Field
Boys Volleyball
Girls Volleyball
Water Polo