Homework Tips

Homework (HW) Tips:
In Core, we want you to be successful and efficient in your homework.  It is best to follow these homework tips to make sure that you are completing your work within the teacher suggested homework time.   I will post the suggested time after each assignment to give you a sense of how long you should take with the assignment.

*Keep in mind that some assignments are long-term assignments/projects, and therefore, you should be working on it about 30 minutes each night to keep yourself on track to completing it on time.  Do not wait until the final days to complete a long-term assignment/project, otherwise it may be difficult to complete by the due date and you may feel overwhelmed.

If your homework is taking longer than the suggested HW completion time, you may be doing more than is required. If you are taking under the suggested time, you may not be putting in the ample amount of concentration, depth, or critical thinking that is required.  If you are unsure, always check in with the teacher for that class.

Please follow these homework do’s and don’ts:

HW Do’s:

HW Don’ts:

  • Work in an environment that is clean and clear from distractions.
  • Work in a quiet place.
  • Work in a semi-public room in your home so that your parents or older family members can check in on you. (Suggestion: Kitchen table– away from T.V.– phone, and computer.)
  • Start as soon as you get home and after you’ve had a quick snack.
  • Ask questions of your study buddies and of your teacher early.
  • Start with the assignment that is most challenging for you so that you may offer your work your best concentration.
  • Re-read class directions and procedures to make sure that you’ve completed the assignment as directed by your teacher.
  • Check in with a trusted adult or older sibling to let them know you have completed your homework for the night or to ask for any feedback on your work.
  • Work in your room with the door closed or on your bed where you can easily fall asleep.
  • Work in a loud place.
  • Work in a place where you will be distracted by T.V. or your siblings.
  • Work with your phone or computer on and near you where you may be distracted with text, notifications,
    social media, and talking with friends.  Put away your phone and computer until AFTER homework completion!!
  • Wait until very late to get started.
  • Take frequent breaks that stretches your homework completion beyond the teacher suggested time (unless you have been instructed to do so). It is much better to stay focused on ONE task at a time.
  • “Go it alone” –> When you are not sure of an assignment, you make an assumption of what to do, or worse, not do it at all. –> Instead, check in with study buddies and teachers. This is why it’s
    important to start EARLY so that you can receive a response to your question. If you wait till late, you may not get your questions answered until the next day,
    which may be too late for your assignment. That responsibility is on you!