Jennelle Stewart

Jennelle Stewart joins Cleveland Charter High School after more than two decades of
experience in LAUSD. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley and a product of LAUSD, Jennelle
graduated from UCLA in three years and passionately pursed her credential and two Master’s
Degrees from California State University, Northridge. Earning her M.A. in Computer
Instructional Technologies and M.A. in Educational Administration, she has worked as a math
and computer teacher, as well as an Instructional Coach for Local District Northwest. Her heart
remains in the classroom, sharing her energy and enthusiasm for fostering a love of
mathematics and making connections to the world around us. She balances work life with her
home life, raising two teenagers with her husband, as well exercising her two high energy dogs
and a lazy cat. Jennelle enjoys running early in the morning, before the sun slowly wakes up the
neighborhood, as well as reading and camping with her family.