Magnet Code of Ethics

You have chosen to be part of a learning community that is committed to achieving the highest level of academic, individual, and collective excellence, which can only be achieved in an environment that requires intellectual honesty and personal integrity; maintains trust and respect; and cultivates responsible citizenship. These values are essential to the performance of students and teachers and are expected of all members of the Cleveland Magnet community.

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each student to behave in a manner consistent with the above statement. Any behavior that may negatively affect a positive learning environment on or off campus is unacceptable.

Examples of unacceptable student behavior include but are not limited to:

  • any conduct that violates a person’s dignity or creates an intimidating, degrading or hostile environment including inappropriate fighting, play fighting, or touching;
  • bullying and cyberbullying behaviors which demean, intimidate, or humiliate people either as individuals or as a group;
  • inappropriate communication (verbal, non-verbal, or written/in person or online), including racial/cultural slurs (including use of the N-word in any form), degrading terms regarding sex, or sexual orientation, disparaging comments;
  • damaging school property, including littering or stealing;
  • truancy;
  • academic dishonesty, including, but not limited to, copying from another student, copying from a sibling- current or former – even just one answer; talking during a test, even just to ask a simple question; copying and pasting from the Internet or Artifical Intelligence (AI), even just one sentence; writing the answers on your hand, even just a date; changing grades, even to a plus or minus; turning in another student’s photograph instead of your own, even if that person is not using it; and the many other ways that undermine the integrity of your work;
  • and any other conduct that violates, school, state, or federal policies/laws.
  • Please NOTE: the use of Artifical Intelligence (AI) to complete assignments is prohibited unless you have the written consent of your teacher.

Consequences of Violating the Code of Ethics

Consequences for inappropriate behavior are designed to help students understand how their behavior has affected themselves, others, and the community as a whole. The consequences for behavior vary based on the discretion of the teacher and grade-level team. We expect parents to support the disciplinary process by encouraging good citizenship, which includes respecting the consequences of actions that violate the Magnet Code of Ethics. Depending on the severity of the offense, consequences for violating the Magnet Code of Ethics can result in parent conferencing, loss of school privileges, detention, suspension, expulsion from the Magnet, and even arrest. Other issues to note are:

  • all students involved in an incident, regardless of the role, can face the same penalty;
  • academic dishonesty, in particular, in any form, whether on a class exam or homework assignment, will result in a “Fail” for the exam or assignment AND is subject to the following consequences: a grade drop in the class or on the final semester grade, an “S” or “U” in Cooperation and/or Work Habits for one or both CORE classes, contacting parents/guardians, the loss of the privilege of having CORE teachers and counselors write college recommendations for you, a notation of the incident on your permanent record, notification to colleges and universities of the incident, and/or suspension or expulsion from the Magnet program (which means you return to your home school);
  • and cheating on a midterm or final exam can result in a semester grade no higher than “D” for both periods of Core on the 20-week semester report card.

Grading Policy

  • Each of your CORE classes has an individual grading policy established by the teacher, and all teachers come together in grade-level teams to establish your semester grades.
  • Participation reflects good citizenship and attendance. Participation is expected, and therefore, is a significant part of your grade in every class.
  • Some classes must meet during vacations (e.g., AP classes), and these meetings are mandatory. In addition, assignments may be given during breaks and vacations that will be due upon the resumption of classes.
  • Failure to put forth expected effort in any one Magnet class significantly lowers your semester grade for both periods of Core.