Minutes & Bylaws

2023-2024 Minutes

February 28, 2024

CHMPA Meeting Agenda
February 28, 2024
7:00 pm via ZOOM

Minutes Taken by: Kim Schwarz

  • Welcome (Kim Schwarz)
    • Thank you all for joining us!
  • Treasurer’s Report (Kim Schwarz on behalf of Leah Isaacs, Treasurer)
    • $1,000 of donations from corporate matching and individual contributions
    • $600 COREchella Sponsorships
    • $3,000 for upcoming Field Trips- 10th grade visit to Will Geer Renaissance Faire (happening in March I believe)
    • $350 for Teacher Holiday appreciation
    • The remaining costs were standard operations, materials, accounting fees
  • Appreciate the corporate matching gifts, Kroger sign-up, and the COREchella sponsorships. Thank you for matching gifts as well!
  • Program Updates (Ms. Macon)
    • CORE 11 field trip went to see “Origin”, it went well.
    • CORE 10 Renaissance Faire: Friday, March 1, 2024
    • Spring Magnet Tour: March 15, 2024 and possibly April (TBD)
    • COREer day for 11th grade: April 4, 2024 (Career Fair)
  • COREchella 2024 (Kim, Ms. Macon and Committee Chairs)
    • COREchella 2024 is Saturday, April 27, 2024 at 4:00 pm.
    • 501st Legion
    • A/V
    • Silent Auction and Pick a Ticket (Amy DeBourget and Shaina Bogorad): Great committee, with new parents that joined. Excited that we have received some stuff already. If you have anything to donate, please reach out. We will be using the Bidding Owl platform again this year. Also, Gina is going to attend the March 6th Chamber of Commerce meeting and hopefully she can inquire about auction donations from the businesses that attend and/or possible sponsorships.
    • Cafe (Clare Eisenberg and Janae Bakken): Clare gave an update that the Committee met this week and things are going to be moving forward. Gina Gian mentioned she has a big coffee pump and Amy DeBourget has a coffee urn that the Cafe can borrow. Janae did research on a pizza warmer (runs about $250), she will send the information to the CHMPA email address so that it can be reviewed and possibly purchased for use at COREchella. This year they are adding hot dogs to the Cafe, so there will be condiments on the Amazon list. The Amazon list and the Sign Up Genius will be ready for sharing soon. The Cafe Committee would love to know if there are any paper goods/supplies leftover from 2023, Kim shared that she will let them know, but that if they wanted to add them to the Amazon list, they could do so, and the items would be used if not for COREchella then for a future CHMPA event. The Committee is excited to have a walk through, and it was shared that the walk through date will be after Spring break.
    • Food Trucks (Laurie Shiers): Excited to share confirmed food truck: King Kone, El Taco Cartel, Gonzalez Burgers, Kalamaki Greek, Rice Balls of Fire. We are also working on fruit carts and the popcorn and funnel cake vendor.
    • Merchandise (Teresa May): Waiting for design for COREchella t-shirt. We will also be selling COREwear at COREchella.
    • Ticket Sales (ordering wristbands and Copy Moms can sort throughpresale tickets)
    • Sponsorships (Kim Schwarz)-Hamer Toyota and family sponsorships, especially nice for graduating seniors to give a shout out! BUT if you have connections with doctors offices, other businesses, it is a great way to promote and support the event!
    • Day of Volunteers (Chairs and Committee Members please keep us posted of your day of volunteer needs, including and especially clean-up, so that all areas are covered)
    • Media/Relations Talent (Dana Green-Nothing that can be announced yet, but moving along)
    • Backstage Crew (Heidy Reyes)
    • First Aid (ideally a nurse or a doctor)
  • Closing (Kim Schwarz)
    • Questions from parents for Ms. Macon:
      • Will there be an online Health summer course option? LASUD is no longer accepting it, BUT, Cleveland is working on possibilities for an online or in person summer Health course.
      • How does Fall 2024 scheduling take place for the current students? The counselors will speak with each student about their schedules, they can also go and see their counselors to discuss.
    • Thank you for joining us. Since we will be on Spring Break at the end of March, we won’t be having an official March CHMPA meeting, but we will keep you posted on our April CHMPA meeting date, the last Wednesday is the week of COREchella, so we will aim to move it earlier in April.
    • As always, please reach out with any questions!!
October 25, 2023

CHMPA Meeting Agenda and Notes

October 25, 2023
Note Taker: Kim Schwarz

  • Welcome and Introductions (Kim Schwarz, Violeta Alarcon, Leah Isaacs)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Leah Isaacs)
    • As of the beginning of the school year: Total Revenue $1,609 ($1,280 Corewear + $306 COREchella Food Trucks), Total Expenses $15,616 ($3,200 Band instrument purchased for music dept’s COREchella support + $5K 12th grade Hamlet Experience field trip) + $3,740 Marketing presentation folders (tours); DOES NOT INCLUDE $34K SnapRaise donations
  • Program Updates (Jennifer Macon)
    • Dia de Los Muertos event (300 students participating in an almost full day event.) Additionally we have performers at lunchtime and the Cleveland Choir will also be performing. The actual Dia de Los Muertos event will be on Thursday, November 2nd. The set-up will be on Wednesday, November 1st in the Performing Arts Center. Sorry for the change.
    • The 11th graders are going to UCLA this Friday, October 27th. Today was the PSAT, so the field trip kicks off a college journey.
    • If any of you have 8th graders, we switched the prospective parent tour date this week from Friday to Thursday. We have had an enormous response, we have seen over 400 families, with a total of about 950 people. We have a large tour tomorrow (120 participants), November 3rd (177 participants), November 15th (118 participants). We will resume touring in the Spring for anyone who hasn’t been able to join in the Fall. The eChoices application window closes November 17th.
    • I don’t know if all of you know, but Cleveland is very invested in the social emotional well being of the students. 10 academic
      counselors, 2 attendance counselors, 2 psychiatric social workers, 1 school psychologist. I have been SO impressed with our guest speaker, an amazing resource and support for us, and with great appreciation to introduce Mr. Syed.
  • Guest Speaker (Mr. Syed, LAUSD Counselor, LCSW and Psychiatric Social Worker) presenting on “Cutting the Risk of Depression in Half.”
    • Blessed to be a part of such an amazing and dedicated team of educators. Ms. Macon is a vital component of the CORE program and it is my pleasure to be here.
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities (Kim Schwarz)
    • Questions re: AP Chem teacher search? Ms. Macon shared that Ms. Duong is working on it, together with Ms. Macon and trying to get chemistry substitute, and/or APEX online solution (but they are waiting on District approval.) The students enrolled in AP Chem will still be in AP Chem and will still be able to take the exam. The school is also working on any resources they can provide to support and guide the students. They are aware of the importance of supporting the students through this.
  • Next meeting date: Wednesday, November 29th at 7:00 pm (via ZOOM)