Minutes & Bylaws

2020 Minutes

August 26, 2020

Cleveland High School
Humanities Magnet
Parent Association Meeting
August 26, 2020
Video Conference

Welcome Remarks

  • Jennifer Macon, Magnet Coordinator
  • Jennifer Blair, CHMPA President

Introduction to CORE 4 team and Treasurer – Jennifer Blair

  • Jen Blair
  • Keren Koretz
  • Nickie Bryar
  • Andrea Chasek
  • Jusceline Diaz

Financial Report – Andrea Chasek, CHMPA Treasurer

Core teachers and program – Jennifer Macon, Magnet Coordinator

  • Dr. Williams, Mr. Saavedra, Mr. Loconte, Ms. Delondi, Ms. Lin, Ms. Endman, Mr. Silva, Ms. Howe, Ms. Stewart, Ms. Oh, Ms. Del Pino, Mr. Demais
  • 9th grade program and core bloc – Ms. Del Pino
  • Book Bundles
  • Clubs – Even there are over 60 clubs at Cleveland, we do not have an official policy with the clubs
  • Northern California trip – Thinking about changing it to the spring, but it depends on the circumstance of the pandemic. If possible, a spring trip will be planned.
  • Purpose Opportunities – Currently trying to connect students with volunteer opportunities. One opportunity is to become a poll worker. There is a shortage because most poll workers are senior citizens. Because of the pandemic, many of these seniors are not working the polls. Looking for but not limited to students interested in politics? It is a paid position.

Emails and Facebook – Nickie Bryer

  • Eblasts – we cannot add YOU to the list. You have to proactively add yourself by going to the corebaby.org website and scrolling down to CHMP Parent Email/volunteer under Parent. Emails are updated weekly.
  • Facebook Page – If you would like to be added to the facebook page, please answer the two questions.
  • Corebaby.org – For core kids/parents specifically, merchandise, planners and book bundles.

Core/Humanities Tours 2020-2021 – Ms. Macon

  • This is the best way to know if the school is for you. We are currently asking for
    students/parents/alumni to upload videos of their positive experiences with CORE.
    Answer the question, “Why do I love core?” or “Why did I choose CORE?”

Fundraising/Snap Raise – Aaron Karp, Snap Raise Market Development Manager

Debate Team Introduction – Dylan Skolnick, Maya Top and Stephany Serrano

Upcoming Events 

  • Virtual Senior College Night – Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 5pm. Must register to receive zoom link – please email college counselor Sharon Drell at sxd8386@lausd.net
  • Back to School Night – Wednesday, September 2, 2020 from 5-7pm.
  • California Admissions Day – NO SCHOOL, Friday September 4, 2020
  • Labor Day – NO SCHOOL, Monday September 7, 2020
  • Next CHMPA Zoom Meeting – Wednesday, September 30, 2020