Minutes & Bylaws

2021 Minutes

January 27, 2021

Executive Board Attendance – Jennifer Blair , Nickie Bryar, Jusceline Diaz, Keren Koretz

 Faculty Attendance – Jennifer Macon

Parent Attendance – Jennifer Thomas, MOnica Blackburn, Violeta Alcaron, Audrey Morchy, Joseph Beam, Sandra Camacho, Valley Mestroni, Trena Pitchford, Gary Krausz, Barbie Spiegel, Cg, Vangie Kim, Jeannette Mullins, Jennifer Thomas, Karen Cole, Monica Ramallo-Young, Meret K, Kelly Doyle Mitchell, Jojo Magcalas, Jeana Aragon, Elaine Villafana, Erica Fox, Marivel Mendez, Leah Isaacs

Meeting Called to order – 7:05pm

Welcome – Jennifer Macon 

CHMPA Business – Jennifer Blair

Financials – Keren Koretz

  • Andrea Chasek, treasurer for CHMPA could not attend tonight.
  • The finances are as follows :
    • Revenue – $82,736
    • Expenses – $30,599
    • Net – $52,136

Guest Speakers – Jennifer Macon

  • Ms. Macon introduced the following guest speakers:  
    • Fiaz Syed – Psychiatric Social Worker at Cleveland High School.
      • Spoke on mindfulness and paying attention to the here and now and doing it intentionally and without judgment.  He spoke on how and what they are offering the students at CORE, through school wide support services including “The Talk Show:  Mind and Mood Series”, Virtual Support Groups (Coping with COVID and Building Resilience) and how to contact your counselors.  He also spoke on what they are offering parents, including Ms. Howe’s parent support group and building resilience over anxiety.
      • Mr. Syed Provided a website he has created with resources and contact information : https://zubair45.wixsite.com/mysite
    • Donna Hill – retired Cleveland High School teacher
      • Spoke on the use of hypnotherapy and creating inner peace and calm during uncertain times.
    • Kana Koinuma  – Angelic Sound Therapy
      • Spoke on utilizing the EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique to assist students and parents during stressful times.

CORE Business – Jennifer Macon 

  • Back to school on Mondays – This is to be used for students’ mental health.
  • Please encourage your students to turn on their cameras.
  • Mondays and Advisory Periods, students are required to have it on.  If they can’t they need to alert the teacher ahead of time as to why not.
  • Teachers can assist students with Incorporating the breathing & EFT techniques into the curriculum during these challenging times. 
  • Teachers are being provided additional resources on these techniques and they will be encouraged to share them with their students.

Upcoming Meeting Dates – All meetings start at 7pm.

  • February 24, 2021
  • March 24, 2021
  • April 28, 2021
  • May 26, 2021