Minutes & Bylaws

2022-2023 Minutes

April 12, 2023

CHMPA Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2023

7:00 pm via ZOOM

Minutes taken by Soo Ahn

  • Welcome (Kim) – Thank you so much for joining us. Excited to give COREchella updates. Please share updates amongst friends.
  • CORE Program Updates (Ms. Macon) – I will share a link in this zoom chat for a Magnet parent survey, it will take 2 minutes to fill out. I will send it out an email also. Link will be posted on Facebook as well.
  • Treasurer’s Report Treasurer’s Report* (received this report from Andrea). For the Month of February 2023, we had revenue of $10.21 and total expenses of $10,868. Year to date, we have total revenue of $57,114 and total expenses of $59,880
  • COREchella Committee Chairs Updates (Kim and Committee Chairs) – thank you to all the committee chairs working hard with planning. Thank you for stepping up. We have great momentum.
  • Silent Auction (Shaina Bogorad and Amy Horn) – Amy:v we have been soliciting many items. Next 2 weeks will be critical with what comes in. We need help passing out the forms to nearby school locations. We tested an online auction system. Chamber of Commerce meeting- possibly ask for donations there (but cannot sell the donation). Auction will go live 5/8 and close at 9pm at Corechella. The items will be displayed. The entire auction will take place online. No need to be there to bid. First week of May …will set up items on site. We have many items (gave examples) will share link of the items in the chat for everyone to refer to.
  • VIP Lounge (Violeta Alarcon, Soo Ahn, Adrienne Masi) Soo:first committee meeting will take place next week; Chairs came up with agenda to plan this years VIP Lounge, use VIP wrist bands, welcome to all parents, activities, games and mini raffles, decorations from last year, no need for new furniture, will use student escorts to guide   parenst; lots of publicity; evite?
  • Cafe (Leah Isaacs, Clare Eisenberg) Clare – asked for info on last years donation for coffee and hot chocolate from Art’s (suggested that Clare reach out to Amanda Schwartz, she worked the beverage station with Connie); will have a committee meeting on April 27th; have reached out for donations; will do Amazon Wish List (was a huge success) and Sign Up Genius, Water in box? (keep it chilled), Shannon Warner is checking into the possibility; can add a link to the Amazon Wish List and the Sign Up Genius donation on the website under Get Involved.
  • Day of Volunteers (Stacey Hache) Stacey- I heard back from a few committees; I am working on the Sign Up Genius for the Day of Volunteers, please keep me posted with volunteer needs, Ms. Macon can get student volunteers on as needed so let her know in advance and make sure that there aren’t too many parents or too many students, so that everyone has something to do. Important to get enough volunteers at the last shift.
  • Merchandise (Teresa May)- Waiting for COREchella t-shirt design, which should be finalized by April 21st. She will work with Randal (Screen Printer) to print. Also planning on selling COREwear.
  • When is the COREchella design contest? Students design contest deadline is April 21st. Hope t shirts can be printed 3 weeks Are we selling COREwear at the event?
  • Food Trucks (Kim Schwarz) Kim -we secured several Food Trucks, few from last year and few new ones. 4 Trucks set so far. Committee is continuing to reach out. Set-up can start as early as 3pm. Not sure yet whether Food Trucks will be parked in the same place as last year.
  • Ticket Sales (Stella Samuel): no update
  • Sponsorships (Kim Schwarz and Andrea Chasek)- Kim: please continue to ask for sponsorships from families
  • Media Relations/Talent (Dana Green) – Dana : Ben Savage has committed to come, Kamil McFadden; Dan Povemyer (Phineas and Ferb) pending, will reach out to Luke…. I am still reaching out. So we have 2 (and possible 3); Ms. Macon commented it would be great if we can get a female.
  • Backstage Crew (Heidy Reyes and Alexis Rodriguez) – Heidy: we are waiting for close to day; Shannon: will check on lighting, sound, projector and DJ. Fourth Dimension.
  • Star Wars Stormtroopers “501 Legend”- Macon asked our thoughts, yes or no? Adults are in favor, at entrance, VIP Lounge etc..She will regroup with the COREdinators to ask them.
  • First Aid (Josh May is available starting around 8:00 pm): no update
  • Other COREchella Updates (Macon)
  • Other volunteer needs weeks leading up to COREchella
    • Assembling Sponsorship packages (t-shirts and tickets)
    • Pick a Ticket
    • Test Wifi
  • Closing (Kim Schwarz)
    • Thank you for joining us, if you have any questions at any time about COREchella please reach out.
    • The last CHMPA meeting of the school year is on Wednesday, May 3rd
    • COREchella Walk Through, one Committee Chair should be in attendance -Thursday, May 4th at 2:00 pm. Meet Macon at the entrance

Meeting Attendees

Sunny Yun, Andrea Chasek, Violeta Alarcon, Lara Spotts, Height Reyes, Dana Green, Andres, Stacy Hache, Clare Eisenberg, Andrea, MPB, Amy DeBourget, Kim Schwarz, Soo Ahn, Jennifer Macon, Gina Gian, Amy Schulenberg, ccAwah, Shannon Warner, Teresa May

March 1, 2023

CHMPA Meeting Agenda and Minutes

March 1, 2023
7:00 pm via ZOOM

Minutes Taken by: Leah Isaacs

  1. Welcome (Kim Schwarz)
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Andrea Chasek, Treasurer) Spent $1,200 in operations in January and total school year to date revenue is $57K with expenditures of $49K
  3. Program Updates (Ms. Macon)
    1. Upcoming Spring Tour Dates: Friday, March 17th (confirmed) and April 14th (maybe) (9-10:45am) for interested 7th grader, or incoming 9th graders. Reach out to Soo Ahn, if you are available to volunteer to help lead a tour.
  4. COREchella (Kim)-Very excited that the committees are meeting and moving forward with the planning and prepping…
    1. Auditions started today
    2. Lots of people stepping in which is exciting
    3. Auction-(hand it over to Shaina for updates)
      1. Have first 6 donations, website updated
      2. IG shout out next with website info
    4. VIP Lounge-
    5. Celebrity Hosts-If anyone has any leads for celebrity hosts please reach out
    6. Sponsorships-Family and business sponsorships (especially recognizing seniors at the event with a senior sponsorship.)
    7. Any other COREchella questions/updates?
  5. Presentation (Kim Schwarz introducing)
    1. Rachel Steinman-Shared via the eblast Rachel’s background, so grateful to have her with us this evening to share. She is a writer, a teacher, a podcaster (titled “Dear Family”). She speaks from the heart about her personal life experiences and also as someone who has had a wealth of experience interacting and speaking with people who have been through their own personal challenges.
  6. Closing (Kim Schwarz)
    1. Thank you for joining us. Support COREchella with auction item solicitation and/or family/business sponsorship opportunities. Any questions, please reach out via email.
    2. Please join us at our next CHMPA meeting on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 7:00 pm.
February 1, 2023

CHMPA Meeting Agenda and Minutes

February 1, 2023
7:00 pm via ZOOM

Minutes Taken by: Soo Ahn

Attendees: Andrea Chasek, Soo Ahn, Jennifer Macon, Sunny Yun, Stacey Hache, Lisa Oliver, ML, Kim Schwartz, Mason Anilao, Shannon Martin, John Vasquez, Violeta Alarcon, Lauren Appelbaum, Liz, Rosa Galvan, Cyndi Menegaz, Jeff and Judy, Pavithra, Melissa Veluz-Abraham, Clare Eisenberg, Nora Rodas, Gina

  1. Welcome (Andrea Chasek) -Welcome. Thank you all for coming. Thank you Cyndi our guest speaker
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Andrea Chasek, Treasurer) – As of Dec (it was a partial month so there was not too much activity), spent approx $800 on marketing materials
  3. Program Updates (Ms. Macon)
    1. COREchella (volunteer opportunities, auction items, sponsorships)- 24 parents attended, yesterday planning meeting was successful, still need more volunteers,
    2. Ms Aucoin is looking for chaperones for a field trip on 2/17 to Reagan Library. Need volunteers who have been approved by LAUSD . If you are available please email Ms. Macon at Jmacon@corebaby.org
    3. Upcoming Tour Dates will be Feb 17, March 17, and tentatively April 14th (9-10:45am) for interested 7th grader, or incoming 9th graders
    4. Introduce Cyndi Menegaz who is a corebaby alum parent, thank you for being here
  4. Presentation (Cyndi Menegaz, National Program Director at Smart Track College Funding)
    1. Sharing informative resources on financial aid options and how you can pay less for college- College Funding Planning
    2. To access free Smarttrack resources, create an account using this link: (make sure to go through cleveland link and not through public website
      https://join.smarttrackcollegefunding.com/cleveland-humanities-magnet. There is a pre-recorded version of most of the topics of this presentation. Need to make sure to create an account first to access. Email with questions: admin@smarttrackcollegfunding.com
    3. Q&As
  5. Closing (Kim Schwarz)
    1. Thank you for joining us. Thank you Cyndi for providing us with this information, your time and commitment.
    2. Please join us at our next CHMPA meeting on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 7:00 pm. Also, please reach out with any COREchella questions, auction items, sponsorship opportunities…
January 31, 2023

CHMPA COREchella Meeting Agenda

January 31, 2023
7:00 pm via ZOOM

Minutes Taken by: Leah Isaacs

  • Welcome (Ms. Macon or Kim?) Introductions of attendees
  • COREchella Introduction (Ms. Macon)
    • I am sure most people attending the meeting will know already about the details of COREchella, but JIC you want to share a brief recap of when it is (Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 4:00 pm) and that it is CORE’s biggest fundraiser, and that there are volunteer opportunities for everyone and that auction items, pick a ticket items and sponsorships/senior tributes are greatly appreciated for everyone to solicit.
    • Ms. Cole- volunteer applications are being processed and those who applied should be receiving an email next week about the status
      • Corechella volunteers are not required to go through the volunteer application process because it’s not a school sponsored event (it’s a lease event).
    • Corechella.corebaby.org for more information
    • There is something for everyone to lend a hand- including auction item donations, day of assistance, etc.
  • COREchella Committee Chairs Introduction (Ms. Macon)-Committee members will receive the Committee Chairs contact information (Chairs listed in parenthesis) as well as the contact information of the Committee Members.
    • Meet today to kick off and then we will meet monthly with the broader Corechella committee group to check in
    • Several people may have celebrity contacts or be able to get in touch with them so they will contact Dana Green.
    • Silent Auction (Amy Horn) – Rm 1
    • VIP Lounge (Violeta Alarcon, Soo Ahn, Adrienne Masi) Rm 2
    • Day of Volunteer Coordinator (Stacey Hache)
    • Cafe (Leah Isaacs, Clare Eisenberg) Rm 3
    • Merchandise (Teresa May)
    • Ticket Sales (Stella Samuel)
    • Sponsorships (Kim Schwarz and Andrea Chasek) Rm 4
    • Media Relations/Talent (Dana Green)
    • Backstage Crew (Lead TBD)
    • First Aid (ideally a nurse or a doctor) (Lead TBD)
    • Food Trucks (Lead TBD)
  • Closing (Kim Schwarz)
    • Thank you for joining us, if you have any questions at any time about COREchella please reach out.
    • Committee heads will receive names of all interested participant
    • Discussion of WiFi and need for hotspots/routers for the silent auction activity and credit card machines. Jennifer Macon and Andrea Chasek to follow up
    • Please join us at the next CHMPA meeting on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 @ 7:00 pm via ZOOM, Cyndi Menegaz (SmartTrack) to learn more about how to plan and afford college, especially financial aid opportunities!
January 18, 2023

CHMPA Meeting Agenda and Minutes
January 18, 2023
7:00 pm via ZOOM

Minutes Taken by: Soo Ahn

Attendees: Violeta Alarcon, Soo Ahn, Andrea Chasek, Ms. Macon, Ms. Drell, Adrienne Masi, Monica Blackburn, Michael Cotter, Mary Ann Anilao, Nita Guzman, Patricia Willis, REVA, Clare Eiesenberg, Gina Frazier, Mason Anilao, Debb Smith, Jennifer Leavens, Heidy Reyes, Lisa Nakamura, Holly Rinsky, Jill, Amy Horn, Janae Bakken, Andrea Luboff

  • Welcome (Kim Schwarz)
    • Thank you all for joining us, Happy New Year, great to see all of you. We are excited to share some COREchella updates with you this
      evening and to hear from Ms. Drell regarding college requirements.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Andrea Chasek, Treasurer)
    • Total expenditures, as of the end of November 2022: $13,115.51 (primarily CORE 10 Renaissance Faire, CORE 9 Dia de Los Muertos and Accountant Fees)
    • Total revenue for November 2022: $660.58
    • Total Fiscal YTD revenue: $56,678.31
    • Total Fiscal YTD expenditures: $39,494.12
  • Program Updates (Ms. Macon)
    • CORE 10 Renaissance Faire: Friday, February 24, 2023. Chaperoning information will be coming.
    • Some parents were asking about their volunteer applications that were submitted to the school back in October 2022, Ms. Macon said that they are on it and being reviewed.
  • COREchella 2023 (Ms. Macon)
    • COREchella 2023 is going to be on Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 4:00pm.
    • We are going to try a Saturday this year, the calendar was very full and that was the option that worked best. We know that the Dance Showcase is the night before, Friday, May 19, 2023, but hopefully it won’t conflict with people’s schedules to attend both, if they are planning on doing so.
    • Thank you to those who signed up for volunteers; still looking for more volunteers and chairs ; Please sign up on the link that is provided in the chat (and was also included in the most recent eBlast). Please share with friends that we need all hands on deck for the pre-planning and the day of the event!
    • Chairs or Co-Chairs still needed for:
      • Backstage Crew (set up backstage)
      • Volunteer Coordinator (for the day of)
      • Silent Auction (will work closely with VIP Lounge)
      • First Aid (ideally a nurse or a doctor)
      • Food Trucks
      • Merchandise
      • Ticket Sales
    • Please REACH out to your friends and share the details with them about volunteer opportunities!
    • Question: Do we have a Corechella host? Not yet, but if you know anybody, please let us know.
    • Question: Do we pay the hosts? No, but we provide a great bag of SWAG and we give them lots of social media shout outs!
  • Presentation (Ms. Drell, Cleveland College and Career Counselor)
    • How to get ready for college
    • Graduation requirements – A-G Requirements
    • CSF (California Scholarship Federation) membership drive
    • Q&A
  • Closing (Kim Schwarz)
    • Thank you for joining us. Please join us on Tuesday, January 31st via ZOOM for the Volunteer COREchella planning meeting and also at the next CHMPA meeting on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 @ 7:00pm via ZOOM, Cyndi Menegaz (SmartTrack) to learn more about how to plan and afford college, especially financial aid opportunities!
November 2, 2022

CHMPA Meeting Agenda
November 2, 2022
7:00 pm via ZOOM

Notes Taken by Soo Ahn

Opening (Kim Schwarz)

  • Welcome everyone
  • Attendees please write their student(s) grade levels in the zoom chat (as a reference for Lisa and Carrie.)

Program Updates

  • (Soo Ahn) Prospective parent tours are going great. 4 In-Person tours already took place with great turnouts 60-90 parents/students per each tour. The last in-person tour is this Friday 11/4. There is a ZOOM tour on Thursday, 11/9, sign up on the CORE website. Thank you to all the parent volunteers.
  • (Gina Gian Frazier) Volunteer Opportunities for 9th, 10th and 12th grade parents-Great Gatsby CORE 11 event on December 14th evening. Need volunteers, so be on the lookout.
  • (Violetta) Dia de los Muertos took place 11/1 CORE 9
    • Event Went nicely, with decorations, food and presentations
  • Treasurer’s Report (Andrea Chasek, Treasurer)
    • For the month of Sept 2022, we have had total revenue of $1,090
    • Total expenditures have been $5,612.94 comprised mainly of Will Geer Thatricum Botanicum – Hamlet Experience
    • Instructional materials/supplies
    • Office supplies
    • Monthly accountants

Guest Speakers-Presentation and Q&A

  • Lisa Liss and Carrie Adelman re: college selection and application
  • Lisa is part of the Headed for College team and Carrie is a former CORE parent
  • Contact Information
  • Book Recommendations:
    • ”Fiske Guide to Colleges” by Edward Fiske
    • ”The Price You Pay for College” by Ron Lieber -”The College Conversation” by Eric J. Furda and Jacques Steinberg.
  • A question came up at the end about what to look for in a college counselor. Lisa suggested that beyond working with a counselor who parents and students feel comfortable with, she recommends finding a consultant who is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, has a background in education and/or has completed a College Counseling Certificate, has experience in admissions, and works with a team of partners to ensure multiple perspectives, especially when it comes to building a college list, reviewing essays, and preparing for interviews

Closing (Kim Schwarz)

  • Thank you Lisa and Carrie for an engaging and informative presentation.
  • We  will continue to send information via email, but please reach out with any questions, thoughts via chmpa@corebaby.org at any time. Wishing everyone a great November and a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Look forward to seeing you at the next CHMPA meeting on Wednesday, December 7th at 7:00 pm (via ZOOM)

Important Upcoming Events and Dates

  • Prospective Parent CORE Tour-Friday, November 4th
  • No school, in observance of Veterans Day-Friday, November 11th
  • CORE 9 Olvera Street Mural Field Trip-Thursday, November 17th
  • No school-Happy Thanksgiving-November 21st-November 25th
  • CORE 11 Great Gatsby Dinner-Wednesday, December 14th

Meeting Attendees (33 total)
Trace Riepl, Jeanette Mullins, NC, Sunny, Mason Anilao, Heidy Reyes, Pamela Mozer, Lisa N, Richard Libby, Holly Rinsky, Jennifer Leavens, Janae Ansel Cotter, John Vaszues, Amanda Machado, Connor Swords, Amy Schulenberg, Allison, Bridget Mullins, Clare Eisenberg, Marivel, Gina Gian, Cruz Frausto Orozio, Lennox Wiseley, Nora Rodas, Freddy Morales, Lisa Liss, Carrie Adelman, Andrea, Soo Ahn, Kim Schwarz, Violetta,

October 12, 2022

CHMPA Meeting Agenda
October 12, 2022
7:00 pm via ZOOM

Notes Taken by Leah Isaacs

Introduction (Kim Schwarz)

  • CHMPA Leadership Team: Kim Schwarz, Soo Ahn, Violeta Alarcon and Andrea Chasek
  • Violeta- update re Dia del Los Muertos. Need volunteers for this 9th grade event on Tuesday 11/1 morning, afternoon or all day. Google form provided. If volunteering for a one-time event no TB test required. If anyone needs clarification re volunteer forms, send email to CHMPA team.

Program Updates (Violeta-Volunteer Opportunities and Soo-Upcoming Prospective Parent Tours)

  • Volunteer Opportunities (Dia de Los Muertos- Fill out google form that was included in the eblast this morning, 9th Grade Olvera Street Tour-information was also in the eblast)
  • Upcoming prospective parent CORE tour dates (Fridays: 10/14, 10/21, 10/28 and 11/4) sign-up on the CORE website. Echoice period has begun and closes 11/18- could use additional volunteers Fridays 8:30-10:45. 1st tour was last week, lots of energy and excitement. Showcasing new buildings as part of the tour.
    • Prospective students welcome on the tour with parents

Treasurer’s Report (Kim Schwarz on behalf of Andrea Chasek, Treasurer)

  • General updates- $2,174 non-snap income primarily from selling book bundles. Expenditures total $9,540, primarily includes some additional Corechella expenses from last year that were paid this year, instructional materials/supplies, expenses for the 9th grade C4 Summit, Book bundle expenses
  • SnapRaise! Final amount raised: $50,773

Cleveland Services and Resources

  • Lori Howe, Counselor Humanities Magnet- how to build resiliency, address anxiety and depression
  • Fiaz Syed, Psychiatric Social Worker – Supporting Students Through a Trauma Informed Lense. We become traumatized when we experience something that exceeds our ability to cope; commonality among students who exhibit resiliency is one stable relationship with a responsible adult

Will continue to update the website with pertinent info!

Take Note: Important Upcoming Events and Dates

  • Prospective Parent CORE Tour-Friday, October 14th
  • Prospective Parent CORE Tour-Friday, October 21st
  • Prospective Parent CORE Tour-Friday, October 28th
  • CORE 9 Dia De Los Muertos Event-parent volunteer opportunities, check your email for updates-Tuesday, November 1st
  • Prospective Parent CORE Tour-Friday, November 4th
  • No school, in observance of Veterans Day-Friday, November 11th
  • CORE 9 Olvera Street Mural Field Trip-Thursday, November 17th
  • No school-Happy Thanksgiving-November 21st-November 25th
  • CORE 11 Great Gatsby Dinner-Wednesday, December 14th

Look forward to seeing you at the next CHMPA meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd at 7:00 pm (via ZOOM)

For up to date information, please visit corebaby.org and subscribe to the CHMPA email updates. If you have any further questions, please email chmpa@corebaby.org

Thank you!

September 7, 2022

Parent Association Meeting
September 7, 2022
7pm @ Cleveland

  • Attendance
    • Introductions
      • Kim Schwarz, Violeta Alarcon, Soo Ahn, Andrea Chasek
      • Teachers and attendees introduced themselves
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Andrea Chasek, Treasurer- last fiscal year CHMPA raised gross income of $116,932 and total expenses of $76,775. In the first month of fiscal year 2022 – 2023, we had income of $70.00 (book bundles) and spent $2,398, primarily on accountants and books for book bundles
      • Overview of Ask Campaign through Snapraise platform. – Kim Scwarz
        • Ends September 19
        • Raised total of $34,000 so far.
        • CHMPA should update website – about dollar amount expected per student. There really isn’t an expectation, but it still says $350 on website.
        • Are there other platforms like GoFundMe? We will look into it – Donorbox – and donors can pay for fee (Kat) – 1.5% fee
  • Principals’ Address – Cindy Duong
    • We are a magnet, school of choice.
    • Want to discuss the elephant in the room. The article that came out last week about lawsuits by victims of “grooming” at Cleveland Core 20 years ago.
    • We can’t go into detail on litigation, per LAUSD counsel
    • Cleveland’s focus is on the students. Core creates environment where people are comfortable and feel they can communicate.
    • Cleveland has lowest student to counselor ratio
    • Cleveland chooses to spend money on student mental health
    • Trying to get additional school mental support
    • Magnet has intricate community that encourages open communication
    • Macon has a 10th grade daughter. Basinger, Grace Oh – Many staff members sends their kids here, reflects how comfortable they are with having their kids here.
    • Our focus is getting through the crisis.
    • Questions: will school be addressing the issues with the students?
      • Yes – example of when is the death of a staff, provide healing space to allow students to process
    • We should talk about grooming etc. in general, not just related to CORE. Perhaps hire outside speaker
    • C4 summit – focuses on bullying etc. perhaps have a unit on grooming
  • Update from Assistant Principal
    • Sonya Cole – assistant Principal – gave tips on how to sign up to be volunteer:
      • Select humanities magnet. Fill out online form and then Cole will send you everything else
      • Need a TB test submitted. Or can have a form signed by a doctor that shows you are not susceptible to TB (risk assessment questionnaire).
      • If you are going to volunteer once in the whole year, just turn in commitment form, and Covid test.
      • If filled out last year, need to apply again. Rollover feature was disabled
      • If have TB test in the last 6 – 12 months – don’t need to do it again.
      • If already did it at another school, you still have to apply at Cleveland.
      • Commitment form and TB test needs to be submitted to Cole
      • Online form needs to be uploaded?
  • Magnet Coordinator – Jennifer Macon
    • Equity and justice initiative – Macon and Del Pino
      • Hispanic heritage month
      • Bringing faculty in
      • If you have any resources, partnerships let us know
  • 9th grade coordinator – Grace Oh: Dia de los Muertos luncheon– November 1
    • Celebrating culture. Looks at synthesis of culture
      • Lunch
        • Volunteers to build the altar and pass out lunch, bring down altar
      • Olvera Street Field trip (November 17)– to tour murals. Need parents. Students will be trained to be docents
        • Second semester – Student Leadership Conference – how to research, take action and give back to the community
  • 10th grade coordinator – Mr. Demail
    • Renaissance Faire in March. Now have event at Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
      • Will need 10-15 volunteers
    • Norton Simon museum
  • 11th Grade coordinator – Del Pino
    • Great Gatsby dinner party – December 14
      • Fall final. Kids dress up, families welcome
    • UCLA field trip – not sure if need parents
  • 12th grade – Rebecca Williams
    • Hamlet experience – October 11 at Theatricum Botanicum
    • Oscores – students make a film and present at the Oscores.
  • [We have access to Naviance – college admissions process experience]
  • Other major events:
    • Corechella – major event
    • Monthly meetings are first Wednesday of each month
    • Coffee with the coordinator

Next meeting is October 12, 2022