Minutes & Bylaws

2022 Minutes

September 7, 2022

Parent Association Meeting
September 7, 2022
7pm @ Cleveland

  • Attendance
    • Introductions
      • Kim Schwarz, Violeta Alarcon, Soo Ahn, Andrea Chasek
      • Teachers and attendees introduced themselves
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Andrea Chasek, Treasurer- last fiscal year CHMPA raised gross income of $116,932 and total expenses of $76,775. In the first month of fiscal year 2022 – 2023, we had income of $70.00 (book bundles) and spent $2,398, primarily on accountants and books for book bundles
      • Overview of Ask Campaign through Snapraise platform. – Kim Scwarz
        • Ends September 19
        • Raised total of $34,000 so far.
        • CHMPA should update website – about dollar amount expected per student. There really isn’t an expectation, but it still says $350 on website.
        • Are there other platforms like GoFundMe? We will look into it – Donorbox – and donors can pay for fee (Kat) – 1.5% fee
  • Principals’ Address – Cindy Duong
    • We are a magnet, school of choice.
    • Want to discuss the elephant in the room. The article that came out last week about lawsuits by victims of “grooming” at Cleveland Core 20 years ago.
    • We can’t go into detail on litigation, per LAUSD counsel
    • Cleveland’s focus is on the students. Core creates environment where people are comfortable and feel they can communicate.
    • Cleveland has lowest student to counselor ratio
    • Cleveland chooses to spend money on student mental health
    • Trying to get additional school mental support
    • Magnet has intricate community that encourages open communication
    • Macon has a 10th grade daughter. Basinger, Grace Oh – Many staff members sends their kids here, reflects how comfortable they are with having their kids here.
    • Our focus is getting through the crisis.
    • Questions: will school be addressing the issues with the students?
      • Yes – example of when is the death of a staff, provide healing space to allow students to process
    • We should talk about grooming etc. in general, not just related to CORE. Perhaps hire outside speaker
    • C4 summit – focuses on bullying etc. perhaps have a unit on grooming
  • Update from Assistant Principal
    • Sonya Cole – assistant Principal – gave tips on how to sign up to be volunteer:
      • Select humanities magnet. Fill out online form and then Cole will send you everything else
      • Need a TB test submitted. Or can have a form signed by a doctor that shows you are not susceptible to TB (risk assessment questionnaire).
      • If you are going to volunteer once in the whole year, just turn in commitment form, and Covid test.
      • If filled out last year, need to apply again. Rollover feature was disabled
      • If have TB test in the last 6 – 12 months – don’t need to do it again.
      • If already did it at another school, you still have to apply at Cleveland.
      • Commitment form and TB test needs to be submitted to Cole
      • Online form needs to be uploaded?
  • Magnet Coordinator – Jennifer Macon
    • Equity and justice initiative – Macon and Del Pino
      • Hispanic heritage month
      • Bringing faculty in
      • If you have any resources, partnerships let us know
  • 9th grade coordinator – Grace Oh: Dia de los Muertos luncheon– November 1
    • Celebrating culture. Looks at synthesis of culture
      • Lunch
        • Volunteers to build the altar and pass out lunch, bring down altar
      • Olvera Street Field trip (November 17)– to tour murals. Need parents. Students will be trained to be docents
        • Second semester – Student Leadership Conference – how to research, take action and give back to the community
  • 10th grade coordinator – Mr. Demail
    • Renaissance Faire in March. Now have event at Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
      • Will need 10-15 volunteers
    • Norton Simon museum
  • 11th Grade coordinator – Del Pino
    • Great Gatsby dinner party – December 14
      • Fall final. Kids dress up, families welcome
    • UCLA field trip – not sure if need parents
  • 12th grade – Rebecca Williams
    • Hamlet experience – October 11 at Theatricum Botanicum
    • Oscores – students make a film and present at the Oscores.
  • [We have access to Naviance – college admissions process experience]
  • Other major events:
    • Corechella – major event
    • Monthly meetings are first Wednesday of each month
    • Coffee with the coordinator

Next meeting is October 12, 2022