Quote of the Week: “The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little ways, every day.” ~David Foster Wallace

Coordinator’s Message:  Each month of the year commemorates a new culture, campaign, and issue to celebrate, recognize, or fight for, and sometimes more than one.  Among several others, the month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As you may know, last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I have been particularly breast cancer aware.   But I have given a lot of thought to the meaning of “awareness,” and I have come to believe that awareness is more than just knowing something exists.  In order for it to mean anything, awareness must be more of a verb than a noun. Otherwise, what’s the point.  I would like to encourage all of you, regardless of the issue, to commit yourselves to having awareness that is active.  Ask questions; research and learn; encourage your friends and family; change your behaviors; and most importantly, make your awareness habitual, part of your routine.  For more information about breast cancer, you can go to www.nationalbreastcancer.org  and www.breastcancer.org.  Thank you again for all of your love and support!


Penny Wars: Speaking of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have resurrected the Penny Wars! Yes, the Penny War is on! This is a great fundraiser for an even greater cause. For the month of October, there will be plastic bottles for each grade level  where you can deposit coins and bills. For every penny you deposit into your own bottle your grade receives a point. For every other type coin and bill deposited, points  will be deducted as follows:

Nickels- 5 deducted points

Dime- 10 deducted points

Quarters- 25 deducted points

$1 bill- 100 deducted points

$5 bill- 500 deducted points

The goal is to collect as many points as possible, which can done by putting a lot of pennies in your own bottle and by putting a lot of bills and other coins in other grade’s bottles. Each person in the winning grade level will get $5 in COREbucks to be used on any item in COREstore, and a big poster will be displayed in E-hall declaring them the winner of Penny Wars.  And all the money raised will go to the American Cancer Society!



Senior News for the week of October 10-14:  Senior Movie Morning will be on October 19 (the same day as the PSAT), in the MPR. Non-package holders can purchase their tickets for $15 on October 10 and October 11 in H18 during nutrition.

Rock the Vote!: Come out to the quad tomorrow, October 11th at lunch to participate in the school-wide Mock Election.

No School: In observance of Yom Kippur, there is no school on Wednesday, October 12th.

Tri-CORE-Treat!: You know we love our CORE puns (pun cred to Ms. peroff), so here is one more opportunity to show your CORE love.  Dress up in your best CORE-themed costume for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon! Costumes can be literal or metaphoric.  They must be appropriate! Come out to the E10 courtyard at nutrition on Monday, October 31st. In addition, we will be giving out yummy treats.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COLLEGE TOUR: We will be driving up the coast of California for our fourth annual Northern California College Trip on November 20-22nd to visit UCSB, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Berkeley, San Jose St., Sonoma St., UC Davis, and Stanford.  The cost of the trip is $350 and is due along with the Registration and Liability Release forms to the Magnet Office no later than October 14th. Make checks payable to “Cleveland High School Booster Club” and denote in the memo line the student’s name and “College Trip.” Click the links to download the Northern California Trip Flyer and the Registration and Liability forms. This is a trip for seniors and juniors ONLY, and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, until we reach 50 students.  After we reach 50 students, there will be a wait-list.

CORE Experience for Parents:  Ever try to explain to your parents what we are doing in CORE, and they look at you wide-eyed, wanting desperately to understand, but just don’t.  Where here is their chance to get a taste of what you do everyday.  CORE Experience for Parents is Thursday, October 8th at 7 pm in the MPR.  Have them RSVP to the event by clicking HERE.  This is an adult-only event.

PTSA Drive: Students, please support the PTSA (Parent, Teacher, and Student Association) by joining for $8.00.  PTSA sponsors school leadership and club activities, senior scholarships, Grad Night, and other school wide initiatives. Without the PTSA, many of activities you enjoy as students would not be available. Join today!


Early Dismissal Tuesday:  The next Early Dismissal Tuesday will be Tuesday, October 18th at 1:34 p.m. Please plan accordingly.

Practice, Practice, Practice:  Our 2016-2017 College Admissions Initiative is in full force and kicks off with the PSAT on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.  Because we are a college preparatory program, we highly recommend all freshmen take the exam, and we require all juniors to take the exam as part of the CORE 11 curriculum. All sophomores take the exam free of charge through the LAUSD and DO NOT need to register.  The cost for freshmen and juniors is $15.00 (CASH ONLY), and you can sign-up at the Student Store during Nutrition and Lunch There are also fee waivers available for students in the Free and Reduced Lunch program. If you think you qualify, please see Ms. Drell in the College Office.

CORE Experience for Parents:  Ever try to explain to your parents what we are doing in CORE, and they look at you wide-eyed, wanting desperately to understand, but just don’t.  Where here is their chance to get a taste of what you do everyday.  CORE Experience for Parents is Thursday, October 20th at 6:30 PM in the MPR.  Have them RSVP to the event by clicking HERE.  This is an adult-only event.

Magnet Parents Association: Please spread the word that our next MPA meeting is this Wednesday, October 26th at 7:00 PM in the library.  All parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Tutoring Available:  The Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley is offering free tutoring Monday-Thursday in our school library from 3:00-6:00 pm.  They also offer college admissions workshops.  One of the tutors is a CORE alumnus. Come to the Magnet Office to register.

COREture:  Winter is coming! (…for my Game of Thrones fans) Don’t forget to get your COREture gear– T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts at great prices! All proceeds go to the program!

Lunch Applications:  In order to attend CORE field trips, you MUST complete a Title I lunch application. We suggest completing it online, if you haven’t already.  Click HERE for instructions.  Print your confirmation form and bring it to the Magnet Office.

Book Bundles:  There are still a few 9th, 11th, and 12th grade Book Bundles available.  Having your own copy of the books we are using is an invaluable tool and all proceeds go back to the program. Come to the Magnet Office for an order form.

Spirit Fridays!: Remember to wear your CORE t-shirt (or any Cleveland t-shirt) for a chance to win a gift card to one of many fabulous establishments!

COREdinators: Do you have ideas about how to make CORE even better?  Are you a freshman looking for ways to be active in your school community?  Then join COREdinators, Fridays at lunch in E10!

Corebaby Email: Be sure to check your Corebaby email address EVERYDAY for important updates!  If you use another email address as your primary email address, you can forward your Corebaby emails to that address so that you don’t miss anything! See Mr. Saavedra if you have questions.

Forgot Your Corebaby Email Password?:  You can retrieve it, but it will cost you a dollar.  Go to Mr. Saavedra in E7 for information, but don’t go empty handed.

Cavalier News: Have you seen Cleveland’s new website?  Go to www.clevelandhs.org to check it and get important school-wide info!

Important College News for All:  Have you visited the Career and College Office website?  It is an incredibly useful resource as you begin the college admissions journey in the ninth grade.  Be sure to bookmark the calendar as there are important dates to note. Go to https://www.careerandcollegeoffice.org/ to check it out.

Clean Up After Yourselves:  Please do your part to keep your learning environment and other areas on campus clean.  Pick up your trash, recycle where possible, and remind your friends to do the same! I do not want see your trash left on the floors for someone else to clean up. Thank you!

Got Suggestions???: We want to hear from you! What suggestions do have for improving the program? Go to the Home Page and click the icon to submit your suggestions.

(Coordinator’s COREner last updated October 10, 2016 @ 9:00 PM by Ms. Macon)